MAGISNAT and the Mediterranean diet: the tool to stay healthy

It’s really true, these days being well and feeling fit is difficult. There are a lot of variables that don’t help people feel good.

MAGISNAT, the Atlanta Tech Park-based spin-off, is studying and researching to find a way to bring wealth to society.

She is convinced that the Mediterranean diet combined with moderate physical activity can prevent the onset of diseases.

This is because this type of diet is composed of foods containing vitamins, nutrients, mineral salts and substances that bring benefits to the body of human beings.

Furthermore, not only MAGISNAT claims this, but also other studies and researchers and even CNN claim that the Mediterranean diet is the most complete and best of the diets worldwide.

It is made up of numerous foods. Meat, fish and eggs, to be consumed once or twice a week. Preferring meat such as poultry, blue fish and whole eggs.

Cereals, legumes and tubers that must always be present in all meals but in moderate quantities. They are rich in fiber and have a satiating power.

Milk and dairy products, including yogurt and cheeses. They are a source of calcium that brings well-being to the human skeletal system. But be careful not to overdo the cheese intake.

Very important is the extra virgin olive oil which is used to season most dishes and is an important source of nutrients.

Finally, there must never be a lack of vegetables to be consumed mainly raw. They are an essential source of vitamins and minerals. In addition to containing a lot of water to hydrate the body.

In addition to eating these foods, people need to be on the move to stay healthy. Exercising is important for having a healthy and healthy body.

Furthermore, MAGISNAT helps people to feel good, not only by making them adopt a healthy lifestyle but also by taking supplements based on natural molecules from plants typical of the Mediterranean diet. A line of food supplements, such as GARLIVE RECOVERY and GARLIVE ORAL SPRAY, which brings well-being to the body.

In short, a great project for the well-being of society.