Best Place for Lunch in Austin TX


I love Charlie’s Bagels. It’s the perfect place to go for breakfast or lunch, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The bagels are all homemade, so they’ve got this amazing fresh taste that you just won’t get at other places. And they have an incredible assortment of spreads, my favorite is their pesto! I also love their savory crepes, you can choose from a huge selection of fillings and toppings. Plus, this place has a cool vibe that makes it feel like home away from home (but better).

They serve breakfast all day and lunch items until 3pm on weekdays, as well as drinks like organic coffee and tea in addition to their usual assortment of coffees and teas that most places offer. They also have an assortment of pastries that they bake themselves every morning in their ovens. And if none of these options sound good then just get one of each because everything here is delicious!

Their bagels are all homemade

Charlie Bagels is the best lunch in Austin TX. They have an incredible assortment of bagels, spreads, cream cheeses, and toppings. You can get a bagel with bacon and avocado on it or chocolate chip cream cheese with strawberries.

They also serve delicious sweet and savory crepes

Charlie Bagel’s crepes are also a must-try. They’re made fresh every morning, and served with a variety of fillings including egg, bacon and avocado. The sweet crepes are served with ice cream and fresh fruit.

The atmosphere is perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat

The atmosphere is perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat, or enjoying breakfast with friends. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat or enjoying breakfast with friends. The food is delicious, the service fast and efficient, and the location convenient.


Charlie’s Bagels is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch in Austin, and the perfect spot for anyone looking for delicious bagels. They have an assortment of spreads, as well as crepes that are sure to please any palate. The atmosphere is cozy yet welcoming, making it easy to enjoy your meal with friends or family while sitting around their outdoor patio area. If you’re looking for some new flavors from abroad without having to travel far from home then Charlie’s Bagels should definitely be on your next stop list!